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Appointments at Marble Veterinary Hospital

Scheduled appointments are strongly recommended.  


Appointments are available Monday-Thursdays 8:30-5pm for wellness visits for adult pets, growth visits for kittens and puppies, and illness or trauma visits that should cover all other concerns you may have for your pet.  We try our best to work in emergency cases on an urgent need basis.  


We schedule routine surgeries such as spay and neuters and dental cleanings on Mondays-Wednesdays when we plan to be in the office all day, so your pet can be monitored for an appropriate amount of time.  


We maintain digital radiographs, an in-house laboratory for quick answers, and other useful tools such as ultrasound, therapeutic laser, and an oxygen cage which is helpful in emergency situations.  


We employ a trained and friendly staff to make your and your pet's experience a pleasant one!  If you feel we don't meet these standards, please reach out to our owner Dr Amanda Gambill  or our Office Manager, Jessica Buchanan. 

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